Michael's model trains page
Michael's model trains page

Welcome to my model railways page!

All my models are made in 16mm-to-the-foot scale, running on 32mm (O gauge) track, ie, 2 foot gauge. I model vaguely New Zealand / Australian narrow gauge prototype though most of my work is freelance.

One of the great bonuses of this scale is that live steam is possible (see Idris below). It's also made for outside use, so suddenly making scenery is much easier!

All in all, it's a lot of fun and lets me combine many of my hobbies and passions together.

The Mr Vernon Railway late one afternoon


The Mount Vernon Railway has a small stable of varied locos. They have a Lister Blackstone 040 diesel loco, a Deutz 040, made from cardboard and an extremely powerful loco made from a cordless drill and microcontroller. A small live steam loco, Idris is under construction.

Rolling Stock

The line has a range of rolling stock, ranging from small coal tubs through to a cardboard open carriage and wooden guards van. Also plying the line are a couple of quick-and-easy open wagons.

Notes and Tips

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