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If you thought my site was... interesting, enlightening, radical or just plain boring, feel free to leave a message here. Or... just pretend it's a grafitti board and leave a 'jo was here' message!

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Matthewopity 3rd Jun, 2020
Costa Rica América Central
14th Jan, 2010 Excelente. En mi país no existe la cultura de los trenes y estoy tratando de construirlos. Es una lucha dificil pero muy satisfactoria
7th Jun, 2009 Made the Choc Brownie, Fantastic nuggety heavy dark rich choc brownie, my 7yr old came across your site by googeling for lolly cake, he chose to make the brownie, will try the lolly cake next time. ps cooked it at 180 for 1/2 half as didnt say a temp.
Michael Adams
Amsterdam (holland)
24th May, 2009 Michael Adams was here.... Interesting site.(and name...;-))
Marcia 29th Apr, 2009 People dying, they say it is accident, lotS of them. I should be dead. You may be next. Pls help. www.youtube.com/msorfiap.
15th Apr, 2009 Hey bro. I am 24 and also in Christchurch. I liked your quick and easy recipies, and I will be using some of them in the near future, with the price of food going up, it is nice to get some inspiration. If you really wanted to, I recommend to add some photos there, (however these are obviously quickly whipped up recipes, so maybe a turnoff haha). I think you are clever, thats why you are at university haha. Anyway good luck with studies bro all the best!
5th Jan, 2009 We're very impressed with the carriage lighting connection, but were disappointed that there were no pictures of your indoor plants.
Itchy Uvula 9th Sep, 2008 WOW, RSS on the blog...
akpaka 26th Aug, 2008 i don enter
The Fridge
16th Jul, 2008 Michael, your website doesn't have enough chocolate. Its just not good enough.
East Midlands, UK
13th Jul, 2008 Love the 16mm stuff, very inspiring and I'll be using lots of your ideas! Where did you get the centre buffers as seen in your "Train Lighting" close up photo?
Charles Jones
12th Jun, 2008 Strangely entertaining.
14th Apr, 2008 I am a radio engineer, have released several balloons with transmitters and tracked with my own 1974 radar last trade me balloon got to 24,000. im over 50 and its still fun
4th Mar, 2008 Hey dude. you still alive out there, haven't seen or heard from you for a while, we should catch up or something or will you be there on monday?
Felipe Ferreira
Porto Alegre (Brasil)
28th Dec, 2007 Nice site ! I was looking around to make my nokia phone work with AT commands and I've found your site. I'll try to start the PC Suite before sending stuff through Hyperterminal.
18th Dec, 2007 I like your site, I want to take good pictures too.
anonnamus 17th Dec, 2007 this website is silly and boring
William Q. Peterson
London, UK
14th Dec, 2007 Nice site, keep up the good work.
20th Oct, 2007 great site, neat photos will be back
Harry Potter
26th Sep, 2007 I am not gay!
Wellywood, NZ
16th Aug, 2007 Neat photo's, including the non-rail, stuff! One day I may learn how to use my camera that well, haha. Hope those Graphs have been of some help. Your comments on some pages are a crack up, poor Ali. Cheers
Chris Chou 31st Jul, 2007 Awesome site Micheal! Hope everything is going well for you!
30th Jul, 2007 Your photos are so good Mike! I like the one of the water rings. Good to see your doing well! Peace
Kevin Zanders
22nd Jul, 2007 repeat of other page
Kevin Zanders
Vic Australia (West Island)
22nd Jul, 2007 Looks good but will come back as i have just found all these ZN rail sites and just dont know where to start as i have been out of NZ for so long Regards Kevin
5th May, 2007 thanks for the lolly cake receipe, my cooking books are too old for that receipe
4th May, 2007 love the site
Zsa Zsa
22nd Apr, 2007 I just love railroads!
17th Apr, 2007 Stumbled across this completely randomly from here in Washington State, United States. I like what you're doing...and for some reason, I'm really happy I read about your life.
New Zealand
15th Apr, 2007 Great site.
Tim Dawber
Pukerua Bay
23rd Mar, 2007 Great photos...will check out your video and audio stuff soon.
20th Mar, 2007 hi, found your site by searching for recipes on google. if you want to have a look at my site.. it has cocktail recipes on it cocktaillounge .net cheers
12th Feb, 2007 neat trains pics mate
John Stephens
Perth, Taichung, Poynton, Bangkok, ...
11th Feb, 2007 AH, Good to see a "professional railwayman" identify himself. Cheers, JS ps whence from will be in railway terms (most recent first)
Andrew Hamblyn
11th Feb, 2007 An Ontrack Manager??? Ya Right! Always one rotten apple on the tree huh. Great photos mate, keep up the good work. Love the pictures from the Hoki branch. Regards Andrew
An Ontrack Manager 9th Feb, 2007 Great train photos but its pretty obvious that you trespass to obtain them (eg taking shots down the track) Tracks are for trains - stay off the corridor period
margaret 5th Feb, 2007 Very nice site! :-)
17th Jan, 2007 Thanks for the lolly cake recipe school holidays and had been given a 1kg bag of fruit puffs!! Thanks
Yves Fournier
Yves form Nancy Keenan's Fiancee
12th Jan, 2007 Great looking pictures Mike.
Antoni Riu
10th Jan, 2007 I have liked much your site... I believe that you are good person! A greeting from Barcelona, - Spain. antoni.riu@gmail.com
Jak 8th Jan, 2007 welll...respect!
Robertino 2nd Jan, 2007 Cool design. Keep up the good work.
Victor 20th Dec, 2006 GOOD SITE, GOOD NEWS! hAPPY NEW yEAR!
Bob Logan,
Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand.
10th Dec, 2006 Neat railway stuff, I must try. I'm into 16 mm NG stuff too. Cooking, I have been doing my own, for fourteen years, and Doctor said I am healthy. So, I must be doing something right.
musa mugu
9th Dec, 2006 i just land
Colin B
Somerset UK
6th Dec, 2006 Took a while to realise that you were up at that Canterbury! If I can help with the railway modelling let me know.
Linda 1st Dec, 2006 I've just been letting everything pass me by lately. I've more or less been doing nothing. Not much going on lately. I can't be bothered with anything recently.
1st Dec, 2006 Hi all! You hhave very GOOD guest book. Thx you!!! Be Happy!
SoldierJan 25th Nov, 2006 Metallica Forever!!!!! !!!!!
martahan 24th Nov, 2006 Hi 2 all I am going to go to Italy, but I don't know which cities to visit Can you advise me something ? Perhaps you have been to this country, if yes, where exactly and which hotels did you stay? Thanks you in advance
19th Oct, 2006 Hi there! I just bumped into your site, and I kind of enjoyed it.
michael adams
18th Oct, 2006 wassup nigga!i like your name.
Mr Website
The Engineering Library
11th Oct, 2006 More photos will be coming soon. Yes I've done heaps this year, including some simply awesome photos. But elec eng takes up far too much time, so alas, some things have had to wait :-(
4th Oct, 2006 yo hofo bout time you put some new photos up, haven't you done anything this year? other than that it's a good site
29th Aug, 2006 HI! My friend said, that it's good site. It's realy so! Thanks. GL.
Milary 28th Aug, 2006 This website is Great! I will recommend you to all my friends. I found so much useful things here. Thank you.
Harry 25th Jul, 2006 Very nice site!
16th Jul, 2006 Hello to everybody! Hope everyone likes this nice site!
10th Jul, 2006 Thanks for that. It's always very hard to find something useful
Elisabet Teilor 9th Jul, 2006 Good night Guys Good site. Thanks a lot. I'll be back to you. Good bye
Jack Woot 9th Jul, 2006 Good morning Guys Good site. Thanks a lot. Good bye
Las Vegas, New Mexico
8th Jul, 2006 Hi! I was curious to see what might come up if I typed in my friends name--His name is also Michael Adams. I like your webpage--nicely done and fun to read. The recipes are a great option! Thank you for sharing!
6th Jul, 2006 Hello!
Sarah M
The wilderness of St Andrew's Colle...
23rd Dec, 2005 Hey a voice from the past here Michael! :) Dunno if you remember me, I seem to be better known as Twadds's despairing girlfriend lol. Just thought I'd give ya a little what's up, hope everything's good your way. Your site looks great, the pics are awesome! Will wish you a Merry Christmas and fantastic 2006. Best wishes! :)
Chch muah ha ha ha ha ;)
28th Nov, 2005 Hey im Ali's friend :) im the crazy blonde one u met @ her 21st, awesome site dude, the horse pics looks great :) arent horses wonderful :) im a photographer too :) hehe i love taking pics, well enough from me, chow, Kristal :)
25th Nov, 2005 hey ali primo web site i dont ride horse just bet on them lol your a cool mate 2 her michael props 2 ya and i must say ali that is a fine noble steed lol eddie RULZ lol
23rd Nov, 2005 Halloo, just exploring... ;) Nice site man, can't wait to see the new UCD one!
nzd lol
22nd Nov, 2005 just read ali's page after her requesting that i read it...well she slapped the link out of the blue on my msn :) what an awesome page. very well written!! nice 1 michael...cool name to!! best in the world (michael that is)
21st Nov, 2005 you know we all still wuv u michael. dont be sad... be happy
Shane Dawg
The Bronx,NZ
21st Nov, 2005 What do i say.Rather interesting and strange finding out all these things which i never knew apart from knowing you like horses yea no one can ever accuse you of being boring that's for sure,lol.Oh yea nice ass pic too,lucky horse,lol.
mark :P
21st Nov, 2005 hey ali, nice ass, dont kill him or there wont be any more photos!!!!! and she is important enough for her own page :)
ummm....me :P 21st Nov, 2005 ali told me to read her part of the site, not bad :P
21st Nov, 2005 Hmm the Ali shots aye... interesting :p hehe
20th Nov, 2005 hey just came across your site..good work!!xxx
the moon
15th Nov, 2005 hmmmmm, i wonder who michael is in love with...
Hadley Pettigrew
2nd Nov, 2005 Nice site Michael. I didn't know you did train modelling, maybe you could help me out with my set.
Itchy Uvula
From Hence, to Yonder
30th Oct, 2005 OOOoooOOOOooOOOoOOOh...can't get enough of the Michael Adams Difference (TM)
St.Petersburg ,Fl ,,(USA)
2nd Sep, 2005 SO you are a phantom ,you just popped up on my computer "how you do that ?"
12th Jul, 2005 hi hi hi michael again http://diamonds.orcon.net.nz i miss your journal :(
12th May, 2005 From one modeler to another that has always had to cut cost by finding other means. GREAT JOB MUCHO KUDOS. Would love to see pics of your railway.
lotos 10th May, 2005 good site, thank you!
lighter 7th May, 2005 Good site! I like it!
Kate 6th May, 2005 welcome to our girl-to-girl site!
Lifer 5th May, 2005 Nice day! :-))
maria 3rd May, 2005 thank you!
perec 2nd May, 2005 that's great!
Mara 29th Apr, 2005 Congratulations!!!
travol 29th Apr, 2005 Just wanna to say, that I like your site
tarrsen 28th Apr, 2005 Thank you for your site )
maxoma 27th Apr, 2005 very, very beautiful!
Malwin 26th Apr, 2005 Hi! I like your site :)
yuurasik 25th Apr, 2005 Oh, yes!
aqua 24th Apr, 2005 My compliments to a very nice website. I have a great time on your site.
Bill M. 23rd Apr, 2005 this is a very good site. loved it
malk 22nd Apr, 2005 not bad, not bad 8-))
Grifon 19th Apr, 2005 Nice site )
Grifon 18th Apr, 2005 Nice site )
CyberCat 18th Apr, 2005 If you are interested in Ford cars, this site for you: http://ford-com.narod.ru/ ALL info about new and used Ford cars!
Keith T.
East Yorkshire, England
16th Apr, 2005 just started in 16mm. It's my kind of modelling, "keep it simple and cheap"
William Powell
Dorset, England
4th Apr, 2005 A very intresting site. It has got me digging around for the odds and sods to make a waggon or two. I will keep checking up for updates. Keep up the good work.
Daniel de Souza
Reading in the UK -Nr london
15th Mar, 2005 Great site how did you make the points on your garden layout? Can we have some more pictures of your Latout? I am making track to your method but pinning the track down to45mm gauge!
27th Jan, 2005 I hadn't heard of the 70's heavy metal band "Cheap Track" before...guess there's a link between model railways and music after all!
Paul Milner
Auckland - come and run your trains...
5th Jan, 2005 What a good site. I particularly like the 'How to...' which is excellent for beginners and is sure to inspire some to action.
Bob Logan, boblogan@pin.co.nz
Bob, in Whangarei.
27th Dec, 2004 I would like you, to tell me, how a 'cheap' battery electric drill can make a motor for a "Critter."
21st Jul, 2004 U'r website is very good!!!
Auckland, you should come
14th Jul, 2004 Hi hi hi =p
Michigan, U.S.A.
6th Jul, 2004 I'm glad you were able to be the first to get here Michael. It must've been a challenge with all the crushing traffic. Wow. I just started reminiscing about the way I discovered this site. Completely on accident. And now I don't know what I would do if I didn't know you or your neuroses. Prolly know a lot less about New Zealand. The beautiful country. And I would know a lot less about what the farmers do with their sheep after hours. Lmao.
6th Jul, 2004 Hi, happy birthday! Oh, sorry I'm a little late. Oh well.
5th Jul, 2004 HI
3rd Jul, 2004 I got here first! (Just checking that it does work)