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About me and why I design web pages
About me and why I design web pages
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I'm Michael Adams, currently a 21 year-old student and one of many students at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. I'm studying towards a career in electrical engineering, one of my major passions.

I have been designing websites commercially for the past three years. I enjoy the art of making a websites — balancing both the technical and artistic sides is a problem I like, even relish!

I have always had a technical bent, frequently causing all manner of problems at an early age when I would compulsively disassemble brand-new toys and put them back together in 'interesting' ways.

In 2002 I took Bursary Art-Design as a, well, diversion from the technical nature of my other subjects. I didn't realise what I was letting myself into! Design soon became a large part of my life and I rapidly developed my own favourite style; elegant minimalism — simple, clean and smart looking, with little in the way of visual clutter. Three years later I find that this style still serves me well and is ideally suited the Internet as medium. For more information on this aspect, see the difference page.