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My friend Ali!
My friend Ali!
Ali dedicates this page to her Dad; she loves you, misses you and is so proud of how strong you were throughout your fight with cancer.

Disclamier: Ali is one of my best friends and likes the idea of having her own page. And there isn't much else to do at 1am on MSN! Hence this page was born...

Ali, less commonly known as Alice S Nash, is an awesomely great nice person, who is currently single. Oh whoops, scrub that last comment, she doesn't want the world to know about that :p

Ali is 21 and lives with her mum and crazy younger sister, Geena, in a little wee house in the middle of surbubia. Her room is messier than mine, which is no mean feat! She also lives with her stepdad, Mark, and a bunch of fish.

She works at a rest home, fixing up old people. It must be fun cos she keeps on doing it! It's just a shame I get to hear all the details about who had diarrhea, or who which old man started drooling all over that night. She is well loved at her current rest home and works an insane number of hours there, which plays havoc with her nonexistent love life; all the best guys
  • are asleep when she's awake, and vice versa.
    * best guys = Geoff

    She has a fast car and loves chatting up random guys on NZDating, but then they start going weird and won't stop talking to her :p Luckily I'm not like that!

    She's a graduate of "the best school in the universe", thank you Ciaran Moore! Burnside for the rest of us :p

    Ali lurves horses and wants to marry one one day. I'm not quite sure why; I don't think I really want to know either! She rides at some riding school in Tai Tapu on a great big thoroughbred, whose arse appeared in Lord of the Rings! Yes, she rides a famous horse :-)

    Ali is a cokeavore, well known for her coke-powered-breakfasts. She likes running in the park, riding round in circles and probably other stuff as well.

    Here is a pic of her "very loudly alarmed car" with fake number plate thanks to me. If you see this car look out; she will run you over!

    Ali's car

    How I Know Ali
    Ali and I met almost a year ago while I was looking for a girlfriend. Ali obviously had other ideas though which is just as well!! She's a very funny girl and we chatted on and off for a while, until her dad died and I started doing little jobs for her, went to her 21st and other such stuff.

    These days I'm Ali's friendly computer geek, giving her computer help while she tells me about her day and who she had to clean up after! In return Ali gets to be my listen to my day and offers me girl advice. So when I screw up I can blame her :p Question is... should I be listening to her?! Oh of course I should be.

    I also play a critical role in Ali's life when it comes to buying stuff. I'm her temporary monetary buffer, so when she manages to spend all her income in a matter of minutes I'm always there to lend her a $20. Of course like any good Shylock my services don't come free; I get priority invites on all Ali's most important shopping missions! I also get to meet her *cough* wonderful *cough* sister, Geena who at 9 years of age is wonderfully strange. She's also just learning to take the piss, so I get the added pleasure of being teased by her!


    In summary, Ali is kinda tall, doesn't weigh much and doesn't like her critical measurements being broadcast all over the web! What a boring person :p

    She enjoys watching horror movies, so long as they aren't too scary. For example the Resident Evil series are fine, however The Grudge took weeks to watch as Ali could only manage a few minutes at a time before she freaked out.

    Food-wise Ali likes most food, as long as it isn't fattening or bad for you. Which rules out most nice food. She does however make a special exemption for my legendary and infamous wedges! But then that is quite understandable, as they are, well, legendary.

    Ali's uni results

    How to Meet Ali
    Ali is a hard beast to catch, what with film premiers to star in, interviews to attend and boyfriends to run from. However those who wish to meet this famous animal can do so by making a special submission to her agent (note, that's me, Michael, not Ali!!!) Successful candidates shall enclose a photo, short biography and contact details.

    Ali Riding
    Ali very kindly picked me up at the ungodly hour of 10:15am this morning, at which stage I'd been awake a whole 15 minutes! But it wasn't all in vain as we went to her riding school and I took lots of photos while she went round and round in circles.

    Here are a few of them:

    Ali and RealTime, her boyfriend

    And here's the photo Ali didn't want me to show:

    Just look at that :p Nah-hey! Ha, she'll hate me for this!

    Special thanks to my dear wee geeky friend Michael, with "loive" (she said it!) from Ali.