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Hacking the Nokia 2280
Hacking the Nokia 2280
Some info on one of the most common CDMA phones here in New Zealand.

The Nokia 2280 is a very cheap phone with some interesting features. I bought this phone mainly as a curiousity. Here's what I've found out.

AT Commands
By using a serial data cable (i.e. a DCU-5), I was able to connect to the phone and execute AT commands on it. Note that to connect, I first had to run the Nokia PC Suite software, which would send some specific commands to the phone. I then disconnected the phone through the PC Suite software, but left it connected to the serial port. Then through TeraTerm, I was able to connect at 9600/0/1, hardware flow control.

The full range of AT commands are available here, however only a subset of these work. Specifically, the following work:
Things that aren't supported include all the SMS specific commands (AT+CGMS / GGML / CGMD). Running AT
  • TS2 (Nokie test code) put the phone into some weird mode that couldn't be reset, even with ATZ. Had to restart the phone.

    Note that I didn't test any of the calling functions, as these aren't my primary interest at this stage.

    Available software & Capabilities

    Useful things about the phone
    Via Gammu, I have discovered that it is quite possible to download Java applications onto the phone. The must be less than about 30b kB in size, and you need both a .JAD file (text file with application info) and a .JAR file (renamed ZIP file containing the compiled Java classes.

    To transfer them, set up Gammu with the following settings:

    port = com1:
    model = 3100
    connection = fbus

    The model = 3100 is needed as the 2280 is not known by Gammu.

    To upload an application, use the following command:
    C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorDesktopGammuwin32>gammu --nokiaaddfile Application Satellite
    Searching for phone folder:
  • ***
  • Adding "Satellite" version 1.0.0 created by FER
    Writing JAD file: 100 percent
    Writing JAR file: 100 percent

    (Uploads Satellite.jad and Satellite.jar files. These must be in the current directory).