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Enel 350 Weather Station project
Enel 350 Weather Station project
Project Overview
In true Peter Gough style we were asked in a single term to design and produce a USB interface for a weather station. What it boiled down to was to design and produce, more or less from scratch:
No trivial task as we found out!

The completed device worked a treat though. Here's a shot from the Windows client interface:

Windows client software monitoring a single analogue channel

Completed Weather Station Pro board


Ben at work

Damn tiny ICs!

What happens when things go wrong!

PIC 18f4550; yes it's microscopic!

Settings that work
Some notes about using the Microchip PIC 18F4550 in USB mode as a CDC.Remember to disabled USE_SELF_POWER_SENSE_IO and USE_USB_BUS_SENSE_IO, otherwise weird behaviour may result; specifically it may connect, talk for a while and then all of a sudden disconnect, usually before you get a chance to do anything!