All about me!
All about me!
Who is michael?
Hello, my name is Michael Adams. I'm 22, go to the University of Canterbury and study electrical engineering. I would say more but a guy's got to have some secrets, right?!


Me! Arghhh!
My personality
I try to be a laid back, relaxed kind of person. I like to be friendly to all; it takes a lot to make me turn!

I work hard, spending most of my time either at uni or at home working. I enjoy a range of movies, including such wonders as Pulp Fiction, The Usual Suspects and more recently, Sin City. Anything in the thriller, horror, crime, mystery genre makes me happy!

I love all kinds of music, being an avid Aphex Twin fan. I like house, drum and bass and most NZ electronica. I'll give anything a go!

Oh, and I'm a geek. Evidence!

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